Champion Program for Six Sigma Leadership

The Champion program discusses the proven approach for improving business performance known as Six Sigma. This is an integrated and disciplined style of process improvement that focuses on results based on statistical analysis of data rather than theories, hunches, or guesswork. The goal of Six Sigma is to complete projects with measurable business results which will provide a hard or soft money savings for the company. As an example, over $2 Billion was saved in 1999 when GE Capital utilized Six Sigma methodologies to improve processes.

Executives that sponsor projects and implement Six Sigma into an organization are referred to as “Champions”. These individuals are given training regarding the basics of Six Sigma methodologies. The purpose of the Champion training is to teach the skills necessary to choose worthwhile projects that are based on the mission and goals of the business. In addition to selecting appropriate projects, Champions are tasked with choosing and mentoring the Six Sigma project leaders, also known as “Belts”. The purpose of the Champion is to support and integrate Six Sigma implementation within the organization while ensuring that the process aligns with the company goals and initiatives. Unlike other Champion programs, we go beyond traditional training to provide an option that is based on Six Sigma Leadership.

Although we do not offer a public Champion Leadership program, about 70% of the Champion material is covered within our public Overview classes. If you would like to see the current Overview schedule, please click here. Our Master Black Belt instructors will try to dedicate some one-on-one time with any group that would like to discuss implementation procedures.

We do have an online Champion option. To learn more, please click on the box below.

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The Onsite Six Sigma Champion Training Includes:

Added Elements

  • Snack provided Morning and afternoon
  • Light lunch provided each day except Friday for most localities
  • Manuals provided to students in Color and Laser printed
  • Entertaining and stimulating practice exercises
  • Enjoyable surroundings for training

Six Sigma Highlights

  • In person contact with Master Black Belt Instructor with broad real-world experience with Six Sigma projectÕs
  • Six Sigma Implementation Assistance
  • Comprehensive Project samples
  • Thorough Project Charter models
  • Discounted fee for any Onsite Implementation Assistance

2 Day – Champion Leadership Training for Six Sigma – Agenda

  • Six Sigma Introduction
  • Strategy and benefits of Six Sigma
  • How to get started with Six Sigma
  • Six Sigma Project Definition
  • Six Sigma Example Projects
  • Project Selection Process
  • Six Sigma Deployment including how to select Black Belts
  • Creation of Six Sigma Project Metrics
  • Six Sigma Recognition
  • What is Lean Six Sigma
  • Integrations of Lean and Six Sigma
  • Basic Six Sigma Tools
  • Measurement Systems
  • Capability Analysis
  • Applying Six Sigma to Business Processes
  • Tracking and Managing Six Sigma Projects
  • Managing Change in the Six Sigma Process
  • Financial Guidelines for Six Sigma Projects