Recognized throughout the world for traditional and onsite Six Sigma education, has translated this exceptional training into an online option for individuals wanting White Belt, Yellow Belt, Green Belt and Black Belt programs. All of’s programs have been used by major corporations and individuals that want to learn from Master Black Belts with real world experience.  These programs give the student a hands-on approach that will teach the skills needed to face real problems and make significant process improvements a reality. The Master Black Belt instructors on our team are responsible for over $1 billion dollars in capital  savings and production improvements.  This type of real-world experience cannot be shared in book, but our students have the ability to learn from the true Masters in this industry. To date, our programs have been  delivered live to participants from over 4,000 organizations. Many of these organizations have taken advantage of our onsite options and our online training. If you would like to see some of the major corporations with attendees in our classrooms, please visit our “Why Us?” page.

Is this class for me?

This course is perfect for anyone that wants to make themselves more marketable to potential employers or if you are in a Six Sigma environment and want to be considered for a promotion. All organizations are different, but individuals that are middle to upper  level management will benefit from the budget decreasing techniques and the ability to develop better structural proficiencies and capacities. Our online training uses Minitab 16 because it is the most widely used statistical software in corporations, government agencies, and other organizations that have implemented Six Sigma. It is regarded as the industry standard for Six Sigma project implementation. The online Green Belt and Black Belt programs incorporate lessons regarding  the use of Minitab to perform statistical analysis in real world situations. The online  platform is completely self-paced and may be accessed at anytime from anywhere an  Internet connection is available. With no prerequisites for our White or Yellow Belt  programs, and only a basic knowledge of Microsoft Office products required for the  Green and Black Belt,  enrollment is easy and open for students to start at any time.  Why postpone your ability to be more marketable? Register today!

Champion Six Sigma Leadership Training

Lean Six Sigma initiatives can only be successful if the implementation receives the  proper support from Lean Six Sigma Champions. In most organizations, Champions will  consist of high-level managers or senior executives who can use the company’s  resources to spear-head and encourage Six Sigma projects. When obstacles happen in  the improvement process, it is the Champion’s role to alleviate any hurdles and “champion” the project’s course, so that the belts can achieve the most benefits possible  for the company. 

White Belt and Yellow Belt Training
If you aren’t ready to take the full plunge into a Green or Black Belt, then a White orYellow Belt might be the perfect starting point. Students will be introduced to Six Sigmaconcepts and the DMAIC methodology in our White classes. Individuals receive a general overview regarding the concepts, the roles, and other elements of Six Sigma. The online White Belt course offers the student an overview and introduction to Six Sigma and the DMAIC methodology. This training will prepare the student for participation as a team associate for Green and Black Belt projects. If a more in-depth training is desired, the online Yellow Belt training is a happy medium that provides a general understanding of the methodologies used in Six Sigma. It also covers some of the general improvement techniques and the metrics used.  Once an individual is a certified Yellow Belt he/she will act as an important team member or subject matter expert (SME) on one or more projects. These programs are great because there are no prerequisites or software required and the training can be completed over the weekend. What are you waiting for sign up now!
Do you need a budget friendly option?
The online SigmaXL Green Belt and Black Belt courses are a great alternative that use SigmaXL as the statistical software.  
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Individual Course Modules
Do you want to know more about Six Sigma, but not ready to commit to a specific belt  level? Our Six Sigma Overview course is the perfect solution, and at the introductory  price of $39.99 you can’t go wrong.  If you just want to brush up on your Six Sigma  knowledge or need to learn about a specific Six Sigma tool, you can click here and  view our full catalog of six sigma units. You may enroll in one or more modules and take your time finishing the training. Each unit is $49.99, and you will have instant  access after completing your purchase.
Training from a Pro!
Peter Peterka is the creator and designer of all programs. He has over 15 years of Master Black Belt experience as a certified Master Black Belt. He worked as  an improvement specialist and engineer for over 20 years. During this time he worked  with major corporations, such as 3M, Dell, DOW, GE, HP, Intel, Motorola, Seagate, Xerox, and the US Men’s Olympic Team. In addition to his Six Sigma knowledge, Peter graduated from Iowa State with a MS degree focused on statistics and a BS from  Purdue in Chemical Engineering. His career includes the development and deployment  of effective Six Sigma methodologies and teaching for Product and Process Development, Business Process Improvement, and Manufacturing Process Improvement. has been reviewed and approved as a provider of project management training by the Project Management Institute (PMI®). As such, we are able to provide CEUs and Professional Development Units, respectively, after the successful  completion of our training and any required exams.