Omar F – LMS

               I would definitely recommend this course. Thanks a lot.

Kelvin S – Luvata Grenada

               This is a good course that should provide lots of opportunities for quality improvements and cost savings within my company.

Tandy W – Luvata Grenada

               Will be very useful in my job.

Jason M

               First time to do online course. Enjoyed the availability of the internet while i was on the road in order to complete.

Jeremy K – Potrait Homes

               Overall great class!

Gilbert W – Freescale Semiconductor

               Very well designed course! I am a 20 year Motorola and have seen numerous 6-sigma courses in my time. This ranks amongst the highest I have experienced.

Patrick T

               Very convenient, user friendly, and effective.

Deborah Z – Ortho Molecular Products

               The format was easy to follow and it was nice for me in that I can do everything online.

Hanzel L

               Overall very good and satisfied.

Subroto B

               Very user friendly and precise.

Jorge R

               It was a very exciting and intriguing opportunity to learn about the DMAIC methodology.

Samson N

               This is a very neat concept and makes learning six sigma easy for employees who cannot take 2 weeks to attend classes. I liked the way the modules were designed.

Jean B – BP&M Consulting

               Very well documented and easy to use … plus flexibility to review and refresh is very important.

Mike C – Arthocare Corp

               The black belt course helped me to take the skills learned in green belt training to a more sophisticated level. The core fundamentals of 6-sigma are elaborated upon and presented in such a way so that many of the tools can be used in more complex processes. Great course!

Richard S – Hilti North America

               Very well written and designed. It will be a challenge applying the knowledge to a sales & marketing environment.

Emilio A – Hict

               It was an excellent course, above my expectations.

David N

               Ready to put the knowledge to work! Thanks.

Laura W – Capital One

               The support team for the course were very helpful. I reached out to then on several occasions and they were able to answer and solve questions quickly and completely.

Dr. Davar H

               It was to-the-point, a great way of putting the “dry” college subjects into a practical and understandable day-to-day life. Being self-paced has been of great advantage to me, since I knew more or less the subject from university and used many of the statistical tool for my Doctor-thesis. It was most effective to me because I could run through it, repeat wherever and whenever necessary until understood! GREAT: I will probably do the MBB-course as well, if I find some time in the near future.

Neil K – LSI

               Good interactive learning and test at end of each section was valuable in making you assess what you had learned and also follow up with further research.

Pat L – UTCIS Luxottica Retail

               This information will be critical to improving the processes at our business.

Francis T – Beca

               Well-paced. Recap on past topics from the GB course during the BB course has been most useful.

Gerard E – Rogers Corporation

               Very well communicated for an online course. I felt all topics were clearly defined and presented.

Nicholas S

               I thought the subject matter was thorough and easy to navigate. Where some of the material did not help me in my current position, I found that the most useful aspect was overall management skills.

Daniel Martins N

               The course is amazing.

Ashok H – Datamaxx Group, Inc

               It is a very good course for enhanced learning that I can apply to my current job.

Ian S

               I’ve found the course to be informative, interesting and easy to follow and look forward to putting my new found knowledge to good use.

Leah H

               Overall the course was well taught with good examples and adequate coverage of all topics.

Gwyn G

               This course fully accomplished my goal of becoming more knowledgeable of six sigma and statistical processes along with certification of having achieved the knowledge. I am now comfortable in seeing a career change to further pursue this path of work. Thanks!

Joseph K

               Very Satisfied with this program.

Timothy M

               This course has changed my outlook towards the way I now look at everything; has provided me with a new capability which I will share this new skill set with future and present colleagues.

Roy K

               I learned more through than I did with Cornerstone.

Georgiana F

               Great eye opener for working on project implementation.

Gary W – Carolinas Energy Associates

               I highly recommend this course, and will certainly let my friends and colleagues know about it. I am currently in the process of completing my MBA studies (60% complete), and feel that this course compliments the ‘Operations Management’ course I have just completed, which covers the fundamentals and case study examples of Six Sigma covered in the MBA course. THANK YOU!

Danielle M – DynCorp International

               Thank you for taking out all the non-sense that other courses try to incorporate.