Six Sigma Online: Courses and Prices

With the help of Six Sigma you can become a real asset to any company. First and foremost, you must understand what Six Sigma is and how it can help you: it is a methodology developed and used originally by Motorola in order to increase the efficiency of their business practices. It relies on statistical data and interpreting that data in such a way that allows for improvement in the production department. When it was first used, it was proven to be a success capable of cutting down on costs and increasing customer satisfaction. Since then, thousands of other companies have adopted it and managed to save billions of dollars in the process.

As you can see, the method has been very successful and now it is sought after by many worldwide organizations. Therefore, anyone who has received Six Sigma online training will increase his value and marketability in the eyes of employers substantially.

The Courses

When it comes to receiving training via Six Sigma online, you need to look no further than This company has been doing this for over a decade and its client list has included many top international companies such as Johnson & Johnson, Kellogg’s and Pepsi. It is capable of teaching all of the methodology required in order to become a Six Sigma expert, taught only by Master Black Belts with a lot of knowledge and real life experience to impart.

There are several different Six Sigma online courses to take depending on your current skill level. For absolute beginners, there is the White Belt course. Enrollment is $99 which grants 30 day access and includes the following modules: Six Sigma Overview, Six Sigma Define Phase and Six Sigma Deployment. It is a great way to learn your fundamentals and see whether this is something you want to continue pursuing or not. It is followed by the Yellow Belt course for $199, granting 90 days access. It contains several additional modules in its curriculum such as Process Mapping, Cause and Effect Analysis and Failure Mode Effect Analysis.   

Once you receive certification you will be eligible to enroll for the Green Belt and the Black Belt at a later date. These are the recommended level for most people interested in learning Six Sigma online as they are the ones typically required in an organization. Green Belt prices start at $995 and they also provide the opportunity to purchase the Minitab 16 software (full version) at just $900, almost $500 below its retail price. There is also a one year version that costs $400.  Minitab 16 is currently the preferred software used in the Six Sigma program as it is the best statistical analysis software available.

Black Belt training costs as low as $1,495 and contains the same great offer of $900 for the Minitab 16 software. Both of these Six Sigma online courses grant access to the electronic course materials for up to 1 year. Those that are interested can also enroll for the Six Sigma Online Champion program for only $290. It teaches all of the essentials that a Champion needs to now in order to successfully delegate and support any project.

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