What You Get with On Line Six Sigma Training

If you are interested in learning more about the Six Sigma methodology, then SixSigma.us is here to help you. It has been successfully offering on line Six Sigma Training for 12 years all over the world. SixSigma.us has worked with huge international corporations such as Kellogg’s, Pepsi and Motorola. Their track record, as well as the track record of the Six Sigma program, speaks for themselves. There is no debating whether learning on line Six Sigma training can help you or not, it is more a question of deciding what course to follow.

Let’s start with the basics and see what kinds of courses are available. There are six different levels of training, and the individuals who receive this training are referred to as Belts. The first ranks are known as White Belts, with simple introductory knowledge about the Six Sigma methodology. However, if they continue with their on line Six Sigma training, they will be able to advance and increase in rank, becoming Yellow Belts, Green Belts and then Black Belts. Those with the most experience and knowledge will have the opportunity to become Master Black Belts that then have the task of aiding and instructions lower ranks. Finally, there is the ultimate rank of Champion, reserved only for company executives and important managers who are the leaders of Six Sigma and back the projects of an organization.

What to Expect from On Line Six Sigma Training

The Green Belts and Black Belts are the most common ranks as these are considered to be the most necessary for the improved functioning of a company. Their training will vary in length, but all of them only receive training for one week at a time and then there is a one month long pause so that the belts have the opportunity to put their newfound skills and knowledge to the test. Before a belt can receive the Six Sigma certification, he will be required to fulfill all of his training and complete a project in order to demonstrate the practical use of the program.

The on line Six Sigma training for Green Belts takes two weeks of class time. During this time they will learn most of the important aspects related to the statistical analysis that is vital for the success of the Six Sigma method. They will also be required to devote a lot of their time on their projects that can last anywhere from four to six months.

Black Belts have to endure an even longer on line Six Sigma training program that takes place over the course of four weeks, all with extended pauses between them. They will gain profound knowledge pertaining to the statistical methodology that plays such an important role in ensuring that the Six Sigma method works. Like the Green Belts, they will also be required to work on their projects during this time. The key difference here is that Black Belts are appointed project leaders and will need to spend more time in order to ensure the success of their projects.

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